Partner: Grand Himalaya

By John Gill - Nov 05, 2018

Grand Himalaya are one of two partners involved in the organization of the 2020 Canadian Kanchenjunga Expedition (or CanKan2020 for short). Climbing an 8,000m peak requires a lot of equipment, local knowledge, previous Himalayan experience, and a solid team to support the climbers - on and off the mountain. This is where Grand Himalaya comes in.

Grand Himalaya Treks and Expeditions are a Nepali adventure company offering trekking vacations and climbing expeditions in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet. The owner, Namgya Sherpa, is a good friend of mine, and we now work together to promote adventure travel in Nepal and offer trekking vacations to a wider audience. Namgya is a family friend who my dad met over 10 years ago. I first met Namgya in 2016 on an Ama Dablam expedition and we quickly became good friends.

Namgya Sherpa in front of Lobuche East
Namgya Sherpa with Claire Andrew and John Gill
Namgya Sherpa and John Gill in front of Ama Dablam

Namgya is an expert in expedition planning and logistics. He has organized multiple 8,000m expeditions including successful ascents of Everest, Manaslu and Makalu. He is also an incredible climber, summiting Everest no less than 12 times! He lives in Kathmandu with his lovely wife and 2 children. When having a conversation with Namgya, you would not know he is a Himalayan climbing legend. He is very humble and rarely speaks about his achievements unless you really pester him.

I love trip planning and sometimes I enjoy the organization and logistics more than the trip itself. I guess it's the anticipation of what is coming - like Christmas when you're a child. Unfortunately, I don't speak Nepali which is a huge hindrance when trying to organize anything in Nepal. I'm also not Nepali, which means the expedition would be a LOT more expensive without someone like Namgya who knows what a reasonable price should be.

We are extremely lucky to have Namgya and the rest of the Grand Himalaya team involved in this expedition and I look forward to climbing with them on the mountain.

If you'd like to learn more about what Outdoor Explore does, Check out the Grand Himalaya website. Follow the expedition on social media with the tag #CanKan2020

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