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Organizing a Himalayan expedition requires a lot of time, man-power, equipment, and most importantly - funding. Even though this expedition will only take 2 months, the planning and training started 2 years in advance. We've got the man-power covered, but there's a lot to be done to raise funds and acquire equipment. That's where our sponsors come in. We're looking for your help to make this expedition happen.

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Why sponsor this expedition?

The first Canadian expedition

We plan to be the first Canadian expedition to climb Kanchenjunga, with a team of 8-10 Canadian climbers primarily from BC.

The first female Canadian summit

There has never been a female Canadian summit of Kanchenjung. All being well, one of our female climbers can claim this title.

Green/Carbon neautral expedition

We have partnered with Himalayan Life, a Canadian charity who do incredible work in Nepal. Read our blog post about how we plan to be a green expedition.

Support local villages

We are climbing in a remote and rarely visited part of Nepal. Spending 2 months in this area will benefit local communities through purchasing supplies and providing jobs.

Raising awareness

Through social media, presentations, articles and a professional movie, we hope to raise awareness for the impact we are having on the environment, and how we can work towards greener expeditions.

Telling a story

Namgya Sherpa, our expedition leader in Nepal, is an incredible climber, father and friend. We will be producing a professional movie telling his inspiring story and showing the stunning landscape and culture of the Himalayas.

What's in it for you?

Sponsors will receive recognition and publicity for helping to support one of the first, and by far the largest Canadian expedition to Kanchenjunga. All being well, we will also make the first Canadian female ascent. This can include, but is not limited to, social media posts, online recognition, print recognition, blog posts, photos, video/movie credits, product reviews, mentions at public events, etc. The size of the donation will relate to the level of publicity received.
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Our target audience

Who will you be reaching? Sponsoring this expedition is a great way to gain more visibility with an audience who are passionate about nature, travel, adventure, sport, etc. We aim to not limit our audience to the elites of mountain climbing, but instead to appeal to the inner explorer in everyone. That being said, we have categorized the different demographics based on expected reach.


The BC outdoor community - Most of our team come from BC, Canada, and we're active in the different climbing/skiing/hiking communities here. Inevitably we stand to influence this audience the most as we have a lot in common with them. We plan to do talks at the local mountaineering clubs, as well as show our movies in annual film festivals in Vancouver.


The adventure travel community - It's no secret that travel is a booming industry, and destinations such as Canada, Nepal, South America, etc. have become popular places for adventure vacations. While an expedition to an 8,000m peak may not appeal to everyone, we aim to promote adventure travel to mountainous regions like the Himalayas through stunning imagery and interviews with the team.


The dreamer - How many people went to see the 2015 Everest movie? A lot more than the number of people who partake in those kinds of climbs. The fact is that people love a good adventure story, regardless of how adventurous they are themselves. Our hope is that our story can inspire other dreamers to go for their own lofty ambitions (like we are).

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If you would like to support the expedition in a way that does not involve donating funds or equipment (e.g. donating your time) then please get in touch. An expedition of this size requires a lot of effort, and any help is greatly appreciated.